Computer sales and service, web design and hosting, security cameras and more

 Virus clean up special
Let us get that computer back up to the speed you remember.  We will backup your personal files then reinstall windows and restore your (clean) personal files back to your computer. We do offer free pickup and delivery in the New Hope and Plymouth area.
 AVG Cloud Care
Are you ready to update your antivirus protection, let us help you with our AVG Cloud Care.  This gives you the option to have us take care of many issues that may arise remotely.  It just doesn't get much easier for you. Contact us for special prices today.
New Computer, desktop, laptop or server
New computer time, we have great access to Dell, HP, IBM, Acer as well as custom built machines, so if you need a desktop or laptop or server we are here to help.
Upgrade your computer
We are a Microsoft Refurbisher so we do have the tools and equipment to get that slightly older machine running at a speed you can once again enjoy.  For Laptops and Desktops let us bring some life back to that tired machine.
Web design and hosting
We do offer full service web hosting and design.  We take pride in our work and our search engine optimization, we do our best to keep you at the top and our prices are hard to beat for what we give you.   

                So now you have Windows 10 and really miss Internet Explorer, well you can bring it back a few ways.  This one will leave you with the option to use it.  In the search box at the lower left of your screen type "ie" without the quotes, now it should do a search and you should see Internet Explorer at the top.  Just right click on it then click pin to task bar.  Now when you come into Windows Internet Explorer should always be at the bottom of your screen for an easy start.

                Do you have a question you just can't find the answer to, just click on our contact info and send us a message we will try to get you the "correct" answer.  Remember just because you saw it on the internet doesn't make it true.

Brought to you by your friends in the Twin Cities, Clarity Computers LLC.

We can repair those broken:
 Ipods and Ipads
 Android Tablets
 Most cell phones
 Security Camera Systems
Want to know whats going on, with our top of the line Eclipse DVRs, Cameras and access controls you can.
 Day or Night PTZ Cameras  
 Day or Night Dome Cameras
 Day or Night Bullet Cameras

Even the computer experts at Clarity Computers have had a tough time finding a site to show true rankings of the local schools.  Well for us its the Twin Cities, we were able to find this site that shows test scores and demographics for not only the Twin Cities but all of Minnesota.  Its the Minnesota Report Card, if you found this on your own you deserve a pat on the back, if you have not yet found it, now you have:
Minnesota Report Card